About us

Tuscany heritage is the leading luxury travel company specializing in exclusive, customized private and small group tours in Tuscany, Florence and Italy.

Tuscany Heritage has extensive experience with Canadian and US tour operators and agencies and offers ground services in our beautiful region of Tuscany and in central Italy. We have recently extended our offerings to directly service private clients and small groups. Small group tours are well suited for our guests who want to share the experience of an exclusive tour with others who have similar interests.

Our team of experienced, talented and dedicated professionals work tirelessly to provide you with superior service. We continuously search for new, interesting and exclusive activities for our guests. Our private tours can be 100% personalized, and are created for sophisticated travelers who seek maximum luxury and comfort and who appreciate a keen attention to detail.
All of our tours are flexible and our expert guides and drivers know how to best organize an unforgettable day based on your interests, appointments, level of energy and the preferences of you and your children. Our group tours, with a maximum of 8 participants, will offer you the possibility of sharing your experiences with other guests similar to you who seek both company and exclusivity.

The care and details of each tour are entrusted to experienced professional drivers and guides who know how to make each day trip unique and exclusively yours.
Travel with us and breathe history where it was written. Come to know the birthplaces of great personalities: warriors, philosophers, artists, explorers, bankers; visit the most important cities of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance; discover breathtaking panoramas painted with castles and Renaissance villas, Medieval abbeys and hamlets. Walk through the extensive vineyards which generate some of the most famous wines of the world. Take in the view of sunflowers or the sharp outline of cypress trees fading into the countryside. We offer you only the best of the best of our country and its rich history and culture which can be shared only by the natives, by those who were born and raised here. With us you will live a unique, enriching and truly special experience.
In order to further personalize your tour we work with expert guides who are attentive to your needs and are connected locally to the people and culture. They will help you live the moment and make unforgettable memories. With us you will experience the best place to see a magical sunset, the most exclusive coffee for connoisseurs, traditional food, you will live your experience to the fullest, like one of us!

The way you decide to spend your precious time is an important decision. There are destinations to see in which a private tour or a small group tour with a max of 8 participants makes the difference. We are here to satisfy all of your needs and requests and to help ensure that your vacation is 100 % hassle free.
What is the secret recipe of the success of our tailor made and small group tours? Working with expert professionals who are open to the new, old, different, unusual, who know the must sees which are off the beaten track and out of this world. If you are looking for an extraordinary experience that will transform your trip into a lasting memory, we are here for you. We are your on site agency in Italy.

We organize special tours in our Tuscany to include visits to the most beautiful cities such as Siena, Pisa, Lucca and the Chianti wine region, famous for its traditional red wine. Airport transfers with en route visits to places of interest are also available. Travel with us and immerse yourself in the colors and scents of Tuscany as only a local can! Surround yourself in art, culture and “la dolce vita”.
Our tours are for families with children and small groups. Each group tour will have a maximum of 8 participants per vehicle, driver and guide. This allows us to customize the tours to your requests and preferences for your day in Tuscany.